TV Dimensions Guide and fitting a TV into living room wall units

Will my TV fit inside the living room wall units?

This is a question which is often asked and this page will help you but you really need to measure the actual dimensions of your TV. With most of our living room sets, there is a space for your TV between the hanging display cabinets. You can see how big this space is by looking at the additional info on the product page. The width of your TV must fit into this space. The best way to work this out is to take a tape measure and measure the horizontal width of your TV.

Screen Size and TV width are not the same
Do not confuse the screen size with the width of your TV. Your TV may be a 32" TV which means it has a diagonal screen size of 32". It does not mean the width of your TV is 32". As a general guide, we have added 2cm to guess the width of your TV in the table below but we must stress that you must measure your own TV width.

What if my TV does not fit?
The hanging display cabinets in our living room sets do not have to be in the suggested layout. You may position the units further apart if it helps you and if you have the space to do so.

Screen TV
Size Width Height Width
32" 27.9"
70.9 cm
39.9 cm
72.9 cm
37" 32.2"
81.8 cm
46 cm
83.8 cm
42" 36.6"
93 cm
52.3 cm
95 cm
46" 40.1"
101.9 cm
57.2 cm
103.9 cm
50" 43.6"
110.7 cm
62.2 cm
112.7 cm
55" 47.9"
121.7 cm
68.6 cm
123.7 cm
60" 52.3"
132.8 cm
74.7 cm
134.8 cm
65" 56.7"
136.4 cm
81 cm
138.4 cm
70" 61.1"
155.2 cm
87.4 cm
157.2 cm
75" 65.4"
166.1 cm
93.5 cm
168.1 cm